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Jumpin Digital Marketing is Jumpin's digital agency, which promotes the social periphery.
Our services are based on 15 years of professional experience working with dozens of companies from various fields in Israel and abroad, while fully managing digital outsourcing operations. works with WIX, Facebook, Outbrain, Qualityscore, and social partners such as Merkaz Hizdamnut, Be'Atzmi organization and La'Merhav association


Yael Dayan Sankevitch, Social Media & Client Manager

BA in Marketing Communication. Talented Client Manager with years of experience working in advertising agencies. Live and breath social media and content.


Mia Shoham, Founder

10 years of experience in career management and program management.
MBA in social business specialization, certified as a group supervisor, and a BA in psychology and sociology.
Experienced in career counseling, hiring and employer relations, and managing social sector education programs.

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