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The unemployment rate in Israel is currently only 7.7%, but in practice the median wage in the economy is NIS 8000 per capita per household and 2 million people are defined as poor.

When you look beyond the scary numbers - who are these people? It's important to understand that these are population groups such as underemployed workers, single mothers, new immigrants, people with disabilities, and more.
From a market perspective, job recruiting mismatch costs the global economy 150 billion $ annually.

Today, companies such as Google and IBM don't necessarily care about an academic degree because it doesn't predict the success of an employee. They are looking for talent!
The current state of the job market offers the opportunity for diverse background talents to step into digital roles.'s mission is to offer one solution to both problems. sorts and recruits talent from the social periphery, providing hands-on training, career guidance, and placement that jumpstarts a digital marketing career.

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